Digital Professional Learning Network
Connecting teachers to job-embedded professional development.

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The Digital Professional Learning Network (DPLN) is a way for your learning team to connect anytime to high quality job-embedded professional development. The commodity of "time to collaborate" seems to be the one item that all learning teams need and want the most. Through our Digital Professional Learning Network, teams can collaborate and problem solve anytime and anyplace. Time bound and location bound professional development will no longer be an impediment to engaging with your local learning teams. DPLN connects teachers and leaders as they collaborate to solve the local issues that matter the most to them.

The Benefits of Digital Professional Learning Network:
  • Anytime digital access for your convenience 
  • Interactive problem solving with your colleagues
  • Quality job-embedded and meaningful professional development tools
  • Local choice for your professional development
  • Transfer of professional development to classroom practice
  • Building a culture and climate for learning
  • Focusing on students' learning tasks